Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the legal basis for processing of Personal Data?

Answer: The Privacy Policy, under Information for Users in the EEA, describes the legal basis for processing of Personal Data.

Question: Why should I upload my photo to the RK360 App?
Answer: When you use the RK360 App to share your clinical records with a provider, the App includes your photo with the request as a method of verifying your identity and validating your request.

Question: What should I do if my iPhone is lost or stolen?

Answer: In any web browser, go to>FindiPhone>All Devices>iPhone. Choose the "lost mode" or "erase iPhone" option. When you find or replace your iPhone, download the RK360 App from the Apple App Store, sign in using your email address and password, and enter an authorization code you will receive via text message at the phone number you used to register your RK360 Record. Once again, you will have access to your RK360 Cloud Record. If you cannot get a replacement device with the phone number you used to register your RK360 Record, contact us to verify your identity with appropriate support documentation.

Question: When I started importing my health records from Apple, I got a standard message from Apple about actions that an App Developer "may" take. Does the RK360 App take these actions?
Answer: No. In our Privacy Policy we commit to avoiding all of the optional App Developer actions described in Apple's message and to giving consumers exclusive control over the storage and transmission of all the information in their RK360 Cloud Records.
Question: How do I Enable Automatic App Updates in iOS ?
Answer: The settings to enable the automatic updating of iOS apps are the same on iPhone and iPad
2. Go to "iTunes & App Store"
3. Under the 'Automatic Downloads' section, look for "Updates" and toggle that switch to the ON position
Question: How can I update the RK360 App?
Answer: 1. Go to the App Store
2. Tap "Update" icon at bottom, on "Updates" screen select "Update All."
This will update the RK360 App along with any other apps waiting to update.
Question: Why do you need to verify both cell phone number and email address?
Answer: Verification of both cell phone number and email address are needed for two-factor authentication. Email address verification enables seamless in-app communication with providers and password reset.
Question: How do I start importing my Clinical Records from Apple Health provider portals to my RK360 Cloud Record?
Step 1. Go to the dashboard on your RK360 App.
Step 2. At the top left, tap the [hamburger icon] menu.
Step 3. Tap "Import Records from Apple."
Step 4. On the "Import Records from Apple" screen, tap "Continue Importing," turning the button green.
Step 5. On the "Health Records (1 of 3)" screen, tap "Continue."
Step 6. On the "Health Records (2 of 3)" screen, tap the button beside each type of record, turning all buttons green, and importing all types of data into your RK360 Cloud Record. Later, you select data types to share with others.
Step 7. On the "Health Records (3 of 3)" screen, we recommend that you uncheck "Ask before Sharing," and check "Automatically Share" for automatic import of your data from Apple Health into your RK360 Cloud Record. (Later, you can retrace these steps, if you prefer "Ask before Sharing.") Tap "Done" to finish.
Question: How do I fax from my RK360 App?
Step 1. You pick a provider from the RK360 Directory for exchange of pre- and post-visit information from your RK360 Cloud Record via "Send and Request."

Step 2. If you pick a provider whose listing only includes a fax number or if a provider gives you a fax number to enter your exchange must go by fax. (If the provider lists an email address, your RK360 App automatically communicates with the provider via email and ignores a fax number in the listing.)

Step 3. The RK360 App asks you to consent to the transmission of your health information to the provider.

Step 4. The Apple Store asks you to approve one in-app payment covering a "Send" and a "Request" fax to the provider. If the "Send" transmission is short (e.g., the last six months of Clinical Records), the charge is lower (e.g., $1.99) than if the "Send" transmission is longer (e.g., all years of Clinical Records, $2.99). About 2/3 of the cost of the fax goes to Interfax (a HIPAA-compliant faxing service) and about 1/3 goes to Apple. We offer faxing as a convenience to patients communicating with low-tech providers but do not profit from faxing charges. Your outbound faxes are stored securely for approximately 14 to 30 days on Interfax servers, just in case your outbound fax needs to be sent repeatedly until received, and then deleted to prevent hackers from accessing your information.

Step 5. To avoid fax charges, pick a provider who lists an email address in the Directory. Because patients are not HIPAA-covered entities, providers (who are HIPAA-covered entities) can receive emails from patients. They cannot, however, send your information via email to a second provider. Only you can do this by selecting the second provider from the Directory and initiating a "Send and Request" transaction via fax or email (if the second provider offers an email address).